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Montgomery County 4-H Livestock Club

The Pennsylvania 4-H Livestock Program is open to all youth ages 8 - 18 (as of Jan. 1st of the current year) with or without farm backgrounds.

Raising livestock animals can help youth growth personally and learn skills that will help them become more responsible. The skills learned in raising livestock also carry over into other aspects of 4-H life.

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The Montgomery Co. 4-H Livestock Club meets monthly at our 4-H Center with additional activities and meetings held at the leader's discretion. Please contact our office at 610-489-4315 for leader contact information and our office staff will put you in touch with the Livestock club leader. The club leader will let you know when the next meeting is being held and give you more detailed information on club activities and events. When you attend the meeting and make the decision to join the club, the club leader will have all the necessary information for you to join 4-H.

In Montgomery County we have one 4-H Livestock Club encompassing swine, beef cattle, market goats, market sheep, and dairy beef. Each species project is guided by a volunteer project leader with the Livestock Club Organizational Leader overseeing the administration of the club.

Many of the 4-H Livestock Club members participate in our Market Animal Sale at the annual Montgomery County 4-H Fair held each year the 2nd week of August. Businesses and individuals are invited to participate in this event which benefits the 4-H Livestock Club members and supports agriculture in Montgomery County. If you are interested in participating in the Market Animal Sale please contact Andrew Frankenfield.


Proceeds from the 2010 sale of one Market Lamb exceeded $2,200 as a fund raiser for the Patricia McGinnis Fund which provides emergency support for Montgomery County 4-H members and their livestock.