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4-H Scholarship Letter of Intent

It is the intent of the Monroe County 4-H Development Association to provide a $500.00 education scholarship to a qualified 4-H member or alumnus (17 to 25 years of age by January 1) each calendar year.

Scholarship will be made payable to recipient’s school or university. If tuition is less than $500, only the actual tuition will be paid.

Current or history of 4-H Activity will carry the greatest weight for qualifying for this scholarship. It will be the responsibility of all applicants to provide proof of membership (enrolled in Monroe County 4-H for a minimum of 2 years) in any club and of their participation in 4-H events. In addition, applicants must be a legal resident of Monroe County at the time of application.

The intent of the scholarship committee is to choose a qualified applicant that best represents the Monroe County 4-H program. In the event of a tie, interviews would be required; otherwise interviews are at the discretion of the committee. If the scholarship committee feels that none of the applicants is eligible, their decision is final.

Notification will be sent to all applicants, including those applying after the deadline date, informing him/her of his/her acceptance or rejection for the scholarship by June 30th of each year.

The committee will present a complete report at the first 4-H Program Advisory Committee meeting following the selection.

To apply

  1. Complete and return application by the due date on the application.
  2. Attach letter of acceptance from college for full time course of study, lasting at least one school calendar year (minimum of 12+ credits)
  3. Attach letter of recommendation from 4-H leader or community resident.
  4. Attach High school or college transcript


Scholarship recipient will need to supply 4-H office a transcript indicating a minimum cumulative average of 2.0 by February 1st after his/her first semester before scholarship will be sent to the college. If a 2.0 average is not met at the end of the first semester, the scholarship recipient may request a meeting with the scholarship committee pending the outcome of the second semester grades.

Approved: 7/17/84
Revised: 6/2/85, 1/25/91, 1/10/94, 1/30/01, 7/5/01, 6/23/05, 3/10/15