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Mifflin County 4-H Clubs

Mifflin County 4-H Clubs are organized as County Livestock Clubs, Shooting Sports and Community Clubs. Please be sure to check the events schedule for monthly meeting updates.

County Clubs Dates Monthly Location Time Organizational Leader
Beef Club 2nd Thursday Ext Office 7:00 Tina Loht
Swine Club 1st Tuesday Ext Office 7:00 Jamey White
Dairy Feeder 1st Thursday Ext Office 7:00 Marty Rager
Horse & Pony 3rd Tuesday Ext Office 6:30 Catina Reed
Goat Club 1st Monday Ext Office 7:00 DJ Seitz
Lamb Club 4th Thursday Ext Office 7:00 Lisa Savitts & Samantha Hart
Poultry Club 3rd Thursday Ext Office 7:00 Tina Goss
Dairy Club 3rd Wednesday Ext Office 7:00 Danielle Smoker
Rabbit Club
4th Tuesday
Ext Office
Ron Soccio
Cavy Club
4th Tuesday
Ext Office
Melanie Peters
Dog Club
Wednesdays April through Fair
Mifflin County Youth Park
6:30 Tiffany Erhard & Maureen Romej
Reptile & Amphibian Club
 as announced
Mifflin County Youth Park
7:00  Marty Bowen
Big Valley Community Club
1st Tuesday Watts United Methodist Church
7:00 Kathy Hostetler
Decatur Community Club
4th Thursday Decatur Cookhouse 7:00 Elaine Wagner
Wayne Community Club
as announced
Wayne UM Church 6:30 Pam Sechrist
Ellen Chapel Community Club
4th Monday
Ellen Chapel Schoolhouse
 7:00 Beth Rearick
Vira Community Club
3rd Tuesday
Burnham Brethren Church
7:00 Debbie Filson
Shooting Sports - Air Pistol
Mar 6 - Apr 10
Lewistown Pistol Club
7:00 Ric Erhard
Shooting Sports - Air Rifle / .22 Rifle
Apr 11 - May 16
Mifflin County Sportsmen's Club 5:00 + 6:00
Joe Porch
Shooting Sports - Muzzleloader
May 1 - June 5
Mifflin County Sportsmen's Club 6:00
Joe Porch
Shooting Sports - Shotgun
Jun 6 - Jul 11
Mifflin County Sportsmen's Club 5:00 + 6:00 Joe Porch
Archery Indoor
Feb 8 - Mar 29
20yd -Tues
10 yd -Weds
Shawnee Archers (Clubhouse)
5:00 + 6:00 Tiffany Erhard
Archery Outdoor
June 15 - Aug 3
Shawnee Archers
(Archery Range)
Tiffany Erhard

Activities and projects include community service, cooking, baking, and hands-on crafts. Here is a list of projects that have been completed in the past. Contact the extension office for more information.