Office Information


463 North Perry Highway
PO Box 530
Mercer, PA 16137-0530


Phone: 724-662-3141

Fax: 724-662-1933


Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Member Guidelines for Buyers

Some guidelines/suggestions that you may want to use in making buyer contacts.

  • Dress neatly and wear appropriate clothes.
  • Introduce yourself to contact person.
  • Explain that you are representing the Mercer County 4-H Livestock Club members and would like to have them attend the 4-H Livestock Sale.
  • Hopefully you would be able to support the 4-H Livestock Club members by purchasing an animal.
  • Invite them to come to the sale and the other Roundup activities.
  • Always be polite and thank them for their time to visit with you.
  • If individual is unable to attend the sale, someone can buy the animal for them, such as one of the auctioneers, meat processors, leaders, etc.

Information needed if buying for someone:

  • Proper way to list name for advertising.
  • Name and address to bill purchase.
  • Complete address of buyer and telephone number.
  • Maximum amount the buyer is willing to pay for the animal.
  • What to be done with purchase:
    • taken to which processor
    • be resold at local sale:
      • McKean Buying Station
      • New Wilmington Auction
      • Mercer Auction
      • other
    • donated back for resale with proceeds to benefit 4-H or other charitable organization.

Present Auction Market Prices*

May 17, 2011

* Prices usually tend to drop somewhat in August.

  • Lambs $1.57/lb.
  • Hogs $.65/lb.
  • Steers $ .72/lb.
  • Goats $1.23/lb.

Mercer County 2016 Sale Average with Champions

  • Lambs - $3.34/lb.
  • Hogs - $2.75/lb.
  • Beef - $2.64/lb.
  • Goats - $4.00/lb.
  • Rabbits – 25.35/lb.
  • Pen of Rabbits – $9.93/lb.
  • Pen of Chickens - $55.00/lb.