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The Other WIFI: Stories from Nature

Youth Environmental Programs about the PA Wilds that are Informative, Fun and Imaginative.

The Other WIFI is here! (Youth Environmental Programs about the PA Wilds that are Informative, Fun and Imaginative).

Penn State Extension in McKean County provides informative, fun and imaginative programs about the environment, forestry and natural resources for youth of all ages (and the young at heart).

Stories from Nature is an interactive program that (depending on topic) includes stories or discussion about nature, hands-on activity, scientific models and/or games. Presentation duration is about 30—60 minutes in length per homeroom or group of 20 (or less)--length and content adjusted according to age group. Topics increase awareness and appreciation about the PA Wilds in our backyards, which provides stepping-stones toward proficiency in the Environment and Ecology and Science, Technology and Engineering Academic Standards.


Late January - February

Bear with Me - Hairy, big, burly, frightful... beasts rule the forests; now, they slumber beneath winter's icy blanket; yet other times can be found dumpster diving! Should you fear Black Bears? Discover some of the adaptations, habitat component preferences, behaviors, communication and biology of Black Bears. (Option - Omnivore Scat Blizzards - 30 cents per child)


Super Wapiti - A fancy name for a beast with a super-sized appetite for vegetative matter! Native Americans called the elk "wapiti," which translates into "white rump." Long ago, elk populations roamed much of North America; human factors vastly reduced their home ranges. Thanks to a dedicated conservation movement, scientists returned an Elk population to PA. Discover some of the adaptations, habitat component preferences, behaviors, communication and biology of wapiti. (Option - "Habi-plates" - habitat models; 30 cents per child).


Go with the Flow (of Energy) - Energy drives everything… Based on the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project, students will explore conservation and alternative energy through kid-tested games and/or activities. (Sponsored, in part, by a grant from the PA DEP Environmental Education Grants Programs ~ Lorraine Jacobs attended NEED and Citizen Power workshops)


Raindrops Part II - A child's eye view of freshwater quality -They slink, swim, pinch, cling: Fish, tadpoles, crayfish, hidden critters… all depend on clean water--some of them more than others do. Discover the creatures that inhabit the streams, some for their entire life and others for part of their life.
(Options - 1: water themed model/treat, 30 cents per student ~ 2: Host this lesson in a community stream; I will bring nets, magnifiers, ID guides and containers) (Sponsored, in part, by a Sinnemahoning Headwaters RC&D Grant).

March - May

Nature Detectives - (for locations with outdoor space only) take a guided nature hike to discover the PA Wilds in your community or schoolyard. Wear play clothes and dress for the weather!

Depending on program, I will need at least 30 minutes of preparation/set-up time prior to your scheduled program (as well as about 20 minutes clean-up time afterwards). Your responsibility is to reserve adequate space (one location is preferred) for student groups/homerooms to rotate through for program activities. These programs are similar to bringing an abridged environmental education field trip to your classroom.

To Request a Reservation

(Dates are very limited, reserve soon.) The best way to register is via email at

Select your presentation choice. Provide your grade, number of students (number of boys/ number of girls) and ages; I will then send at least two dates and available times for your choice.

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