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Technology and Engineering

Projects offered to 4-H members in Lycoming county

Junk Drawer Robotics:

10-18 years old (before January 1)

The Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum is divided into three levels or books each around a central theme related to robotics design, use, construction, and control. Each level starts out with background information on working with youth, curriculum elements, and a focus on the concepts to be addressed.

  • In Level 1, the theme is robotic arms, hands, and grippers.
  • In Level 2, the theme is moving, power transfer, and locomotion.
  • In Level 3, the theme is the connection between mechanical and electronic elements.

Members will learn about a topic by exploration. When given a problem, they will design a solution. Then, using what they have learned and designed, they will build or construct a working model.


8-18 years old (before January 1)

Members learn woodworking skills of increasing difficulty and life skills through completion of at least 7 activities each year.  Woodworking experience, motor development, project knowledge and skills, and future participation should be considered in Level selection. Skills taught by Level are:

  1. measuring, squaring, using hand and coping saw, sanding, nailing, screwing, applying penetrating finish;
  2. bevel cutting, using scroll/jig saw, drilling, bolting, gluing, painting or varnishing;
  3. miter or bevel cutting, lathing, dadoing, rabbeting, staining, using dowel joint;
  4. routing, mortise and tenon joint, miter or bevel cutting, dadoing, rabbeting, planing.  Members may spend up to 3 years in one Level.

Small Engines

8-18 years old (before January 1)

Members will learn about small engines and their applications through interactive, experiential activities. Levels 1 and 2 focus on increasingly complex knowledge of small engines, and Level 3 teaches youth about tearing down and rebuilding an engine.

Electric Excitement

8-18 years old (as of January 1)

Look around. Electricity is everywhere! Understanding the science behind electricity if important for anyone at any age. In Electric 1 and 2 general electric concepts and skills are presented in a systematic order, with subject matter increasing with difficulty. Electric 3 explores energy around the home, and Electric 4 introduces the youth to the world of electronics. Each level is completed over a period of three years.


10-18 years old (before January 1)

The 4-H rocketry program involves hands-on learning experiences in building and launching small and lightweight rockets by using the scientific application of “space mission” principles. The members learn about various concepts and skills related to design, construction, and principles of motion and flight. The knowledge 4-H’ers gain here will help them throughout their lives while increasing their energy consciousness, conservation, and appreciation of nature.

Aerospace Adventures:

8-18 years old (before January 1)

Members will develop skills and knowledge in the areas of aviation, space, kites, hot air balloons, weather, and aerospace careers.  They will be connected with aerospace educational resources and opportunities, and explore current issues related to aerospace. Four levels are designed for grades K-2 (Cloverbuds), 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 respectively, and members may work for up to 3 years in each of the Stages, 2-4.

Science Discovery

10-18 years old (before January 1)

Science Discovery 1 focuses on basic science activities built around nature and the environment. Children will explore the world around them looking specifically at rocks, minerals, and trees. Members will learn about whales and how they differ from fish and will also focus on the environmental issues such as recycling, water quality, and conservation. In Science Discovery 2, members will be encouraged to study more in-depth about trees, spiders, oceanography, and environmental conservation.

Virtual Robotics

9-18 years old (before January 1)

The Virtual Robotics track makes learning convenient and economical! Participants will learn basic science and robotics concepts online through meaningful and engaging mediums including videos, simulations, animations and more. The Robotics Notebook for this track will be a real-world notebook in which students record their designs and respond to questions as they work and learn in the virtual environment.

Robotics Platform

9-18 years old (before January 1)

The modules in this track can be used with a variety of commercial kits, including NXT, TETRIX, CEENBoT, and Vex. This track has 3 levels and 11 modules. As participants experience each module in a level, they develop scientific knowledge and technological understanding that enables them to master the challenge presented at the culmination of that level. As they progress, the Robotics Notebook helps youth record their progress and serves as an important learning tool. Each level builds upon the prior level as youth develop a broader and deeper understanding of robotics.