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Plant Science

These are the Plant Science projects offered by Lycoming county 4-H


8-18 years old (before January 1)

Members will learn vegetables and herb gardening skills each year in the categories of: planning, planting, fun with plants, garden care, harvesting and storage, and careers. Each year members complete 6 activities and a record sheet as described in each book on page 3. Levels A and B contain activities for two years each; Levels C and D contain activities for three years each.

Science of the growing plant:

8-14 years old (as of January 1)

In this series of lessons, members should become familiar with the various parts of the plant, the medium in which plants grow, and the relationship of insects to plants. Members will also make observations and conduct experiments as well as demonstrations with the growing plants.

4-H Plant Science Unit 2 - Indoor Gardening:

10-14 years old (before January 1)

Members will learn basic plant care – how to house-train plants. Knowledge of what individual plants need for healthy growth trains the ability to grow plants well. Using the senses of sight and touch members learn how to adapt plants to grow indoors. Close observation, practice and knowledge are the keys to successful houseplant culture.

4-H Plant Science Unit 2 - Landscape Gardening:

10-14 years old (before January 1)

Members will learn about some of the different types of plants you can plant around your house or school to make it more attractive. They will also learn to care for these living plants and keep them beautiful. They will actually design and landscape a flower garden to improve and beautify the environment.

4-H Plant Science Unit 2 - Vegetable Gardening:

10-14 years old (before January 1)

Members will learn about some of the vegetable plants you can grow for food. They will learn what is needed to make vegetable plants grow. They will also design and plant a vegetable garden.

Meet the plants:

8-10 year olds (before January 1)

This project will show you many fun and interesting ways to learn about plants. You will find out what plants are, how they grow, and how they are used. The project is designed to promote personal development. Five lessons open the world of plants grown indoors and out. Basic scientific concepts and principles are examined in experiential hands-on activities.

The Michigan 4-H guide to herb gardening projects:

11-18 years old (before January 1)

Members proceed through three Skill Levels, each taking 2-3 years, to grow and use herbs. Garden patches of herbs are established and harvested, for cooking, crafts, and other uses. A monthly activities list suggests timely horticultural, general, and related activities.