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Leadership Development

Projects offered to 4-H members in Lycoming county

Step up to leadership:

8-18 years old (before January 1)

Members will participate in lots of activities that teach them life skills important to effective leaders. The five objectives are: learn to identify their own leadership skills; build on strength of self and others; acquire competencies in communication, group process, relationship building, planning and organizing, diversity, assessment, and service learning; acquire ability to apply leadership skills to real life experience; learn to influence and support others in a positive matter towards a common goal.

4-H Officer projects:

9-18 year olds (before January 1)

Every successful 4-H club has a good team of officers. A club’s officer team fosters teamwork and cooperation among members through leadership and organization. Each officer has an important job to help make the 4-H club a success and each member successful. The 4-H officer project series outlines the duties and responsibilities of officers both as a team and as individual officer holders.

Project Materials:

  • President’s Book
  • Vice President’s Book
  • Secretary’s Book
  • Treasurer’s Book
  • Reporter and Historian’s Book
  • County Council Guide
  • Parliamentary Procedure

4-H Leadership:

13-18 years old (before January 1)

Members will improve leadership skills by practicing them with the guidance of an adult leader or helper. In Unit 1, members assist an adult leader by helping at least three younger members with project work and activities. In Unit 2, members work with small groups in teaching part of a 4-H project, or help plan, organize and carry out one or more major club or county activities. In Unit 3, members plan with an adult leader to assume leadership responsibilities for an entire project or activity.

Exploring the Treasures of 4-H:

8 years old (before January 1)

Members will explore the incredible world of 4-H programs. Using an exploration theme, members are lead on a journey to discover more about 4-H. Each step has clearly identified headings such as Start Here, Travel Log, Guide Posts, Along the Way, and More Treasures. New terms are introduced in Compass Points.