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Civic Engagement

These are the Civic Engagement projects offered by Lycoming county 4-H

Citizenship Adventure Kit:

12-18 (before January 1)

This is designed to engage youth in changing a piece of the public world, discovering the possibilities of democratic citizenship and building a commitment to taking action in new and exciting ways. Through Public Adventures, youth will:

  • Find out about issues that are important to them and others

  • Gain new skills so they can make positive things happen

  • Envision a world they want and make changes to bring it about

Latino Cultural Arts:

8-14 years old (before January 1)

Members will be provided with experience that will help them explore the history and culture of Latin America through art; foster their understanding of culture, both their own and others; encourage appreciation of the differences and similarities of people throughout the world; increase their ability to express themselves through different art media; and enable them to identify examples of Latino Art.

Generation Celebration:

12-18 years old (before January 1)

Generation Celebration is a project that focuses on building relationships between 4-H members and older adults. This project is based on a series of 6 lessons with group and individual activities and a culminating activity at the end of the project. Materials consist of a member's guide, leader's guide, and leader's packet of instructional materials. Audio-visual and other resources are outlined in the leader's guide. The project is designed for youth, 12 years and older. It is a good group project whether used in a club or school setting.

Service Learning:

Appropriate for Middle School aged audience. Youth become "Special OPPortunities Agents," as they follow a series of exciting activities that engage youth in their community & allow them to reflect on their experiences.

Pennsylvania Interstate Exchange Project:

13-18 years old (before January 1)

In this project, you will engage in activities that will help prepare you to host youth from different counties or states. You will also prepare to travel and stay in the home of a youth and family from a different county or state. You will have an opportunity to experience some of the ways that people in other communities are different from, or similar, to you. Exchange opportunities are listed in the newsletter.

Exploring Clothes from Cultures from Around the World:

Ages 13-18 years old (before January 1)


The objectives of the project are to help young people:

  1. Understand culture through clothing and clothing customs
  2. Appreciate clothing design and customs from different cultures and countries

This project is designed to give examples of clothing that represent some of the many countries in our world. The goal is to encourage youth to appreciate other cultures and to want to learn more about them. While there are many cultures and countries in the world, this publication features the following cultures: Japanese, Asian Indian, Muslim, Korean, African, Amish, German, South Pacific Islanders/ East Asian. In addition to describing the traditional clothing worn by people in these cultures and countries, the publication encourages youth to study their own clothing and explore the international influence on clothing worn by those in the United States.

4-H Stepping Stones to Citizenship:

Ages 8-18 (before January 1)

The new curriculum is designed to help youth learn about citizenship, leadership, as well as enhance communication skills and knowledge about Pennsylvania. The resource also gives 4-H volunteers the tools to offer quick, educational hands-on activities both inside and outside of the club meeting setting.

Celebrate Your Family Through 4-H: Spend Time Together

It is possible for every family to grow closer, to develop more cohesiveness, to become stronger. Many individuals and families tend to procrastinate, that is, put off till tomorrow those things that really need to be done today. “Celebrate Your Family” is intended to help you do today what needs to be done. It is designed to encourage and motivate you to begin or continue those family activities that will benefit your entire family.

TRIAL (Tools and Resources of Intergenerational Action and Learning)

This curriculum guide explains how to create and use activity toolboxes to help young people and older adults share life experiences with each other. Participants will develop two plastic tub toolboxes: one will include items/artifacts depicting young people’s life perspectives and experiences, while the other will include items that provide insight into the lives of older adults. The boxes are intended to prepare, entice, motivate, and excite people for intergenerational engagement experiences. These toolboxes can be used as complete activities in themselves, or they can serve as a prelude to other intergenerational activities.