4-H Leaders

Why should I consider becoming a leader?

  • To help youth become better citizens
  • To learn a great deal about young people, leadership, and yourself
  • To enjoy serving and making friends with young people through 4-H
  • To share your skills, talents, and hobbies with young people

What kinds of leaders are there?
You can volunteer your time and talents in 4-H by serving in any of these leader roles:

Project Leader
Share your skills, talent, and special interests in a 4-H project area, such as photography, community service, computers, pet care, etc. with 4-H members, parents or special interest groups within the local club.

Community Club Leader
Advise a diverse group of 4-H members, usually located in one geographic area and enrolled in a variety of projects.

Organizational Leader
You are key to organizing and directing the 4-H group or club. Your duties include:

  • Enlist additional leaders if needed
  • Help members recruit new members, organize the club, use 4-H literature and keep records up to date
  • Provide leadership experience for members appropriate for their individual capabilities
  • Train and guide officers in their responsibilities
  • Act as advisor at regular meetings of total membership
  • Attend new leader meetings the first year and other meetings for organization leaders
  • Keep parents informed of club activities and promote parental involvement in the program
  • Promote understanding of the 4-H program in the community; involve people in special events and programs; help secure sponsorship of local activities as needed; and assist in establishing good relations with other organizations and groups in the community

Activity Leader
Provide leadership for adults and 4-H member in a specific 4-H project or activity. Activities can include icebreakers, parties, or games conducted at club meetings. Activity leaders are also responsible for organizing events within the community.

Teen leaders
Club members 13-19 years old who have completed one or more years of 4-H and are willing to help younger members with projects, activities, etc. can serve as teen leaders.

Committee Member
A committee member is responsible for assisting with the planning of the 4-H and youth development program.

Club Officers
Club officers are usually elected positions held by club members.