Why Become a 4-H Volunteer?

When you volunteer to become a 4-H leader, you reap so many rewards, not only for yourself, but also for 4-H members, and your community.

With the wide variety of programs offered through 4-H, you can get involved in an activity or club that interests you and develop your skills while you enrich the lives of the youth your working with.

Why consider becoming a leader?   

  • Your needed to help youth become better citizens
  • You'll learn a great deal about young people, leadership and yourself
  • You'll enjoy serving and making friends with young people through 4-H
  • You'll be able to share your skills, talents and hobbies with young people

What types of leaders are there?

  • Organizational Leaders are key to organizing and directing the 4-H group or club
  • Project Leaders teach 4-H'ers in specific project areas
  • Activity Leaders guide the 4-H member with demonstrations, exhibiting, recreation, etc.
  • Teen Leaders assist the leaders by helping the younger 4-H'ers with projects, activities, etc.

How much time must I commit?

You'll work with your county cooperative extension professional to determine the amount of time you'll need to successfully deliver the program you choose.