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34 West Peter Street
Federal Building
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Phone: 724-438-0111

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Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Guidelines for Club Grants

  1. A club that meets after-school for a total of at least 6 meetings totaling 12 hours may apply for the following three grants with a combined total of no more than $200.00 per club/year.
    1. Fayette County 4-H Club Equipment, Publication & Guest speaker Grant
    2. Fayette County 4-H Club Travel Grant
    3. Fayette County 4-H Club Community Improvement Grant
  2. A club member, such as an officer or teen leader, and a 4-H Leader should complete the application form and submit it to the Extension Office.
  3. Submit completed application to Fayette County Extension, 4-H Club Grant Application, 34 West Peter Street, Uniontown, PA 15401.
  4. 4-H Clubs may apply for club grants throughout the year. The 4-H Advisory Board will review and approve grant applications at their bi-monthly meetings (January, March, May, July, September and November.) Grant applications are due by the 15th of each month. The application may be found on the website or in the Extension Office.


    Grant awards will be sent to the club’s organizational leader.

  5. The Fayette County 4-H Extension Staff and the Fayette County 4-H Advisory Committee members will make the decision to accept a grant proposal using Penn State University Guidelines.
  6. The club may be awarded the entire amount requested, or a portion of the amount requested.
  7. Clubs must have worked the 4-H Refreshment Stand in the year of application to be eligible for grant money in the respective year.
  8. New clubs must work a Refreshment Stand shift at the Fayette County Fair the subsequent year to apply. Failure to work the stand will result in the club returning the grant money to the 4-H Development Fund. Please contact the office at 724-438-0111 in May to schedule your shift. Note: Afterschool Clubs that don’t meet during the summer please arrange to have parents and youth scheduled to work the stand before your club disbands. All volunteers working the stand will receive FREE admission tickets to get in the fair the day they work.
  9. Failure to use this money in the manner it was requested will result in the club returning the grant money to the 4-H Development Fund.
  10. Clubs receiving a grant please submit a one-page report listing the following:
    1. How the grant money helped you to achieve the educational goals of the 4-H project with your members. (Please include pictures of your members achieving the educational goals of your 4-H project.)
    2. The most important results achieved.
    3. The number of members that benefited from this grant money.
    4. Any other information that you would like to share with us about the grant money your club received.

Note: The information from the report will be entered into a year-end report that we send to Penn State.

Please mail this report as soon as you have met all the educational goals of the grant no later than November 1st of the year of grant award to:

4-H Club Grant
Fayette County Extension
34 West Peter Street
Uniontown, PA 15401

Failure to submit a report will make the club ineligible for subsequent grants.

If you have questions about these grants call the Extension Office at 724-438-0111.