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Fayette County Crowns 2016 Dairy Princess and Court

Jessica Wolfe of Dunbar Township, PA was recently crowned as the 2016 Fayette County Dairy Princess by the former Dairy Princes, Brook Gales, at the Historic Summit Inn.

The Court (from left to right): Madison Davis – Dairy Miss; Trisha Poorbaugh – Dairy Maid; Brook Gales – former Dairy Princess; Jessica Wolfe - 2016 Dairy Princess; Trudy Diamond - Dairy Maid; Riley Obradovich – Dairy Maid; Breann Poole – Dairy Miss and Audrey Poole - LiL Dairy Miss.

“Three serving of dairy every day", was the theme of the gathering. To celebrate their achievement, the girls celebrated by “topping off” the evening with an ice cream social. What an appropriate beginning to their upcoming activities!