Introduction to 4-H Dairy Skills

Each age from 8‐year old to 18‐year old has a specific Dairy Skill worksheet that needs to be completed. As each age sheet is completed it should be placed in the 4‐H record book in the Dairy Skills (second) section. The sheets should remain in this section from year to year.

  1. 8‐year old – Breeds of Cattle
  2. 9‐year old – Parts of a Cow
  3. 10‐year old – Showmanship
  4. 11‐year old – How a Cow Digests the Feed She Eats
  5. 12‐year old – Holding a 4‐H Meeting
  6. 13‐year old – Milk’s Winning Team
  7. 14‐year old – Presentation Skills
  8. 15‐year old – Showing Ethics
  9. 16‐year old – Dairy Cattle Body Language
  10. 17‐year old – The Milking Process
  11. 18‐year old – Dairy Animal Care & Quality Assurance

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Introduction to 4-H Dairy Skills


Dairy Skills Introduction

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