Behavioral Expectations for Youth

A goal of the 4-H Youth Development Program of Penn State Extension is to provide opportunities for children and youth to develop character.

Pennsylvania 4-H supports the CHARACTER COUNTS!SM six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citzenship. In order to assure that the 4-H Youth Development Program of Penn State Extension provides positive environments for all individuals to learn and grow, participants agree to abide by these expectations of behavior:

I will be trustworthy. I will be worthy of trust, honor, and confidence. I will be a model of integrity by doing the right thing even when the cost is high. I will be honest in all my activities. I will keep my commitments by attending all sessions of the planned event. If I am not feeling well or have a schedule conflict, I will inform my chaperone or a person in charge. I will be in the assigned area (e. g. club meeting room, building, dorm) at all times. Pennsylvania 4-H does not permit dishonesty by lying, cheating, deception, or omission.

I will be respectful. I will show respect, courtesy, and consideration to everyone, including myself, other program participants, and those in authority. I will act and speak respectfully. I will treat program areas, lodging areas, and transportation vehicles with respect. I will not use vulgar or abusive language or cause physical harm. I will appreciate diversity in skill, gender, ethnicity, and ability. Pennsylvania 4-H does not tolerate statements or acts of discrimination or prejudice.

I will be responsible. I will be responsible, accountable, and self-disciplined in the pursuit of excellence. I will live up to high expectations so I can be proud of my work and conduct. I will be on time to all program events. I will be accountable by accepting responsibility for my choices and actions. I will abide by the established program curfew. I will be responsible for any damage, theft, or misconduct in which I participate.

I will be fair. I will be just, fair, and open. I will participate in events fairly by following the rules, not taking advantage of others, and not asking for special exceptions.

I will be caring. I will be caring in my relationships with others. I will be kind and show compassion for others. I will treat others the way I want to be treated. I will show appreciation for the efforts of others. I will help members in my group to have a good experience by striving to include all participants.

I will be a good citizen. I will be a contributing and law-abiding citizen. I will be respectful to the environment and contribute to the greater good. I will not use any illegal substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

See Pennsylvania 4-H Code of Conduct, which must be signed by the 4-H member and his/her parent or guardian.

SM CHARACTER COUNTS! Is a service mark of the CHARACTER COUNTS Coalition, a project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics.

Updated November 2014