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Message from the Educator Regarding 2015 4-H Poultry Projects

Are you a 4-H’er who’s enrolled in a poultry project? Are you a volunteer who has poultry members in your club? Please take a moment to read...

As I’m sure you know, avian influenza has resulted in a ban on poultry shows or sales at PA fairs

Clinton County Fair Poultry Chair, Gwen Bechdel, has been hard at work designing a series of fun activities (from birdless showmanship to the build-a-bird contest) that will give poultry members activities to participate in at the fair.  Note that these activities will also allow members to earn premiums!  Pre-registration is required for these activities.

If you participate in poultry activities at this year’s fair, you’ll need to come to 4-H Book Check on Friday, August 7 from 4-6 p.m. in the 4-H Building.  Your poultry project book will need to be up-to-date (5 activities completed for 2015).  If you have birds at home, you’ll need a current record book as well.  (If you never bought birds due to the poultry show ban, then no record is required this year.)

Are you a 4-H’er enrolled in a poultry project?  Are you planning to show poultry next year?  Then you MUST COMPLETE YOUR 4-H POULTRY PROJECT in 2015.  Participating in poultry activities at the fair is encouraged but not required.  You WILL need to submit your books (project and, if you have live birds, record) in the fall to be checked for completion.

Take advantage of poultry activities at the fair, and be sure to set yourself up to show your birds in 2016!

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