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4-H and FFA Members Come Together and Sharpen Skills for Upcoming Fair

Close to 50 4-H and FFA Members recently attended the 2015 Livestock Field Day at the Clearfield County Fairgrounds.

Clearfield County 4-H & FFA Livestock Members that attended the 2015 Livestock Field Day

Clearfield County 4-H & FFA Livestock Members that attended the 2015 Livestock Field Day

It's a cow, it's a sheep, it's a rabbit, oh my!

On Monday June 29, 2015 Clearfield County 4-H and FFA Livestock Members gathered for a new and exciting event, the 2015 Livestock Field Day supported in part by Archer Daniels Midland Company focused to provide a new educational event for our livestock members. This event helped to teach our members more about their project areas while allowing them to communicate with fellow 4-H and FFA members and industry professionals.

The event consisted of an evening of educational showmanship & fitting demonstrations with hands-on opportunities for members. All attendees were able to select a species of choice and then focus on learning and gaining showmanship tips for that animal! Workshops were presented by industry professionals to share knowledge and show ring etiquette to 4-Hers.

Following a dinner for all attendees members again were able to select two workshops they wished to attend on a variety of topics. These presentations ranged from, "Veterinary Emergencies: The 911 Call" which allowed members to learn from a veterinarian in the field how to help at a calving and other topics, "Sell Your Self or Your Animal" sharing information and tips to our members about approaching buyers and marketing techniques in general, and "The Judge's Perspective" which gave youth members a first hand look at what judges look for when evaluating their animals and how 4-H & FFA members can select their next champion!

The event was concluded through a group discussion and distribution of donated items to help youth members with their project animals.

Thanks to all the volunteers, presenters, families and others that made this event possible!