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Beef Tagging and Registration

Information for Beef and Dairy Beef Projects.

The new 4-H year has started and November marks the registration time for our beef projects.  Mark your calendars for late afternoon and evenings November 21-22, 2016. Most of you have been contacted by leaders, but please double check to make sure your leader has all of your information. All male beef projects must be castrated at the time of tagging. We will be tagging beef projects for 2017. We will cover the southern clubs on Monday, November 21 after school. Check with your club leaders to make sure you are on the list. All Members must register in 4-H online. Select “enroll now”. If you know new members, please make sure they contact the office to get registered for these projects. Current members should be in touch with their leaders to indicate that you are taking a market project. Leaders should then contact the extension office to let us know who in their club needs to be tagged with RFID tags. The schedule for tagging will be developed after we see who is on the list so we are efficient in our path to accomplish this task. Please hold these dates on your calendar.

Upcoming Project Opportunity: 4-H Dairy Beef

This project while similar to a beef livestock project, starts with specific breeds (Holstein) and involves learning to feed the animal from shortly after birth through the fair.  This animal will not be finished (ready for harvest) project, but presents a different look at a marketable product that is related to the dairy industry.  

Here are the rules for this project:

Dairy Feeder Calf Rules

  1. All exhibitors must be enrolled by April 1st.
  2. Each exhibitor may identify 2 Dairy Feeder Calves as a 4-H project, but will be limited to bringing one (1) Dairy Feeder Calf to the fair. 4-H members are to send in a 4-H Dairy Feeder Steer Animal Registration form to the Penn State Extension Office by April 15th to be eligible to show their animal in a 4-H class at the fair.
  3. Dairy feeder calves must be born before March 1st of fair year. Calves are recommended to be in care of the member from 3 days to one week of age. Calf must be under direct care of 4-H member by March 1st. Calves need to be born between January 1 and March 1 of the current show year.
  4. Dairy feeder calves must be 100% dairy Holstein. No beef breeds. Paperwork must be provided of maternal and paternal registry.
  5. Dairy feeder calves must be male and be castrated by weighins/tagging. These calves must be free of any testicular tissue and healed to show at fair or they will be disqualified. Animals will be tagged at the spring tagging with the Swine, Sheep and Goat tagging.
  6. All dairy feeder calves must be naturally polled or dehorned.
  7. Dairy feeder calves must weigh at least 400 and no more than 700 lbs. at fair weigh-ins. All calves under (or over) this weight will be taken home. No re-weighs!
  8. Dairy feeders must have a rope halter and neck collar with tie on at all times.
  9. If an exhibitor cannot handle his/her steer they will be disqualified from the show and they will be asked to remove the animal from the fair grounds.
  10. Dairy feeder calves will be shown in 4-H classes as you would show a beef project animal.
  11. Dairy feeder calves must comply with all health regulations required by the Clarion County Fair.
  12. The Grand and Reserve Dairy beef will be sold in the Jr. Livestock Sale. All other entries will be the responsibility of the owner to sell or take home, but will not be sold through the Jr. Livestock Sale. *The grand and reserve of this project would not be slaughtered because this class is not a finished market project class.
  13. This project can be showed instead of a carcass animal class.
  14. Dairy 4-H Beef Animals will be shown as beef animals. They will be shown using equipment appropriate for showing a 4-H market beef and will be shown the same day as the 4-H market beef are shown. 4-H members are to dress as they would to show a 4-H market beef animal.

Project Overview

Participants are responsible for bottle-raising a dairy bull calf from shortly after birth through weaning. Thereafter, they are responsible for feeding that calf for up to 8 months of age (approximately 500 pounds). In those beginning two months of growth and development, health and feeding will greatly influence your ability to be successful. After weaning, ask your project helper to share advice on feeding suggestions and how to reach that optimum weight. Families should be prepared to spend an estimated $300-$400 during the course of the project for calf, feed, hay, and other essentials.

If you are interested in learning more, please email or call the extension office at or 814-223-9028 to let us know you are interested in learning more or are attending.