4-H School Enrichment


4-H Embryology Project

Embryology is an exciting, hands-on project that enables students to learn the stages of embryonic development, to observe the hatch and to care for live chicks.  The typical project is two weeks in length, Tuesday through Monday for hatching, and the remainder of week #2 is spent caring for the baby chicks. (A four week program is also an option.) Daily supervision and care is required.

Chicks become the responsibility of the 4-H classroom for securing a “home” following completion of the project; the 4-H office can assist in finding a home for the chick, but these arrangements should be made prior to the commencement of the project.

An introductory lesson to explain the project can be given by 4-H staff prior to or on the day eggs are delivered, and more detailed instructions can be arranged as well as teacher training. 

Arrangement must be made at least a month in advance if you wish to participate in this program.  Space is limited each session and the program fills quickly, so plan ahead.

Suggested Ages: 8-14
This project meets PA Science and Technology Standard for 4th to 7th Grade. 
For details visit: http://4hembryology.psu.edu/

Equipment Needed: Large box or aquarium, heat lamp, and slide or overhead project if you plan to candle the eggs.

COST: $85 per class or $55 if you use your own incubator.  Fee includes use of incubator, 12 fertile eggs, teacher and student manuals, food and bedding materials.

You have the choice of getting started eggs and incubating them for an additional seven days or incubating the eggs for the full 21 days.

It is the responsibility of the school to pick up and return cleaned equipment.  We suggest asking a parent volunteer to help with pick up and return if your schedule does not allow, or you can purchase your own incubator.  We generally have a high hatch rate, but hatches cannot be guaranteed since the hatchery does not make guarantees.

Registration details and forms are available in our school enrichment forms folder  

Other projects available. Contact Audrey Reith, 4-H Embryology Coordinator, for details at 610-696-3500 or alr5762@psu.edu