2015 Horse and Pony Roundup Rules

  1. Participation in Grooming and Showmanship (Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) is a mandatory requirement for all members showing at Roundup. Members must show in one of these classes OR submit to the Extension Office by July 1, 2014 a completed Grooming and Showmanship Inspection Score Sheet in order to show in any of the other classes of the show.
  2. Hunter Seat riders may participate in either Hunter Seat Equitation (not to jump) OR Hunter Seat Equitation (over jumps), but not both.
  3. Hunter Seat riders may participate in either Low Working Hunter OR Working Hunter, but not both.
  4. Hunt Seat riders may participate in either Classic Hunter Under Saddle OR Breed Type Hunter Under Saddle, but not both. (Classic HUS: Horses shown in these classes will generally be the type shown a USEF Hunter and open hunter shows. These may include, but are not limited to Thoroughbreds, Thoroughbred types, Warmbloods, and Warmblood types.) (Breed Type HUS: Horses shown in these classes will generally be the type shown at breed shows and open shows. These will typically be of a stock breed origin and usually include, but are not limited to Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas and crosses of these breeds.)
  5. A 4-H member is permitted to show only one primary performance animal. One secondary performance animal may be shown in its appropriate driving class and/or Miniature In Hand Trail. The primary animal can only show in one division plus the open division.
    1. Open Division: Grooming & Showmanship, Open Trail
    2. Beginner Division: Beginner Western Horsemanship, Beginner Western Pleasure, Beginner English Equitation, Beginner English Pleasure and Beginner Trail
    3. Western Division: Western Pleasure, Working Western Horse/Pony, Western Horsemanship and Novice Reining
    4. Contest Division: Working Western Horse/Pony, Barrel Race, Pole Bending, Raised Box Keyhole, and Cutback
    5. Saddle Seat Division: Saddle Seat Pleasure and Saddle Seat Equitation
    6. Hunt Seat Division: Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation (on the flat), Low Equitation over Fences, Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences, Hunter Hack, Low Working Hunter, and Working Hunter
    7. Driving Division: Pleasure Driving and Draft Driving
    8. Miniature Horse Division: Miniature Horse Driving, Miniature Horse In Hand Trail
    9. Therapeutic Riding Division: Obstacle Trail and Walk-Trot Equitation
  6. The current Pennsylvania 4-H Horse Show Rule Book will be followed.
  7. In 4-H sponsored horse shows and activities, all participants 18 years of age and younger and all 4-H members regardless of age are required to wear protective headgear while riding or driving anywhere on the competition or activity grounds.