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All-American Dairy Show, KILE, PA Farm Show Requiring RFID Tags on Cattle, Swine

Planning to exhibit breeding (beef or dairy) or market cattle or swine at any of the state shows in Harrisburg? All animals must be identified with radio frequency or electronic ID (RFID/EID) tags to meet federal traceability standards.

The tags bear the official USDA eartag shield and a 15-digit ID number starting with 840. The tags must match the ID number recorded on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), but tattoos for specific breeds and registration papers are still required for animal verification upon check-in at the shows. Each breeding animal’s housing unit must have a federal premises identifier number or state location number before getting the tags. Contact PDA’s Bureau of Animal Health at 717-836-3235. Allow six to eight weeks to get the premises number and tag order.