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2016 Dairy Designation Forms

Dear Butler County 4-H Dairy Members, Parents and Leaders:

Enclosed please find the following information regarding the 2016 4-H Dairy Project year:

  • 2016 Dairy Project Designation Forms 
  • 2016 Class Listing 
  • 2016 District Dairy Designation Form 
  • 2016 Dairy Member Policy and Guidelines
  • 2016 Sign-off Sheet for Members and Parents 

Dairy Project Designation Forms

A dairy project designation form must be completed for ALL the animals that you are designating as projects for 2016. Project designation forms must be completed and turned in to the Butler County Extension Office by 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 1. Members who fail to turn in their designation forms by June 1 will not be eligible to participate in a 2016 District Dairy Show or County Roundup.

If you have pending registration numbers, please write ‘pending’ in the registration number blank and turn in the form(s) by June 1. Pending registration numbers must be called in to the Extension Office by Wednesday, July 20.

District Dairy Designation Forms

4-H dairy members may attend the district show of their choice. Members may attend only one district show. Each district will set their own entry fee and rules. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to know the rules of the respective show that he/she plans to attend. Counties may require 4-H dairy members to participate in the County Roundup as part of the District and State Show entry requirements. Butler County does follow this rule by requiring all animals that participate in a district show to be shown at the Roundup. Animals advancing to the PA Junior Dairy Show in Harrisburg must have received a blue ribbon at a qualifying district show.

Exhibitors may show a maximum of five animals at the district level and three at the state level. Exhibitors must be in good standing and have met all of their club and project requirements for district and state show eligibility.

If you plan to attend a district dairy show, please designate on the yellow form which show you will be attending and what animals you will be taking. The District Dairy Show Designation Form must be completed and turned in with entry fees to the Butler County Extension Office by Wednesday, June 1. The Extension Office will not be making any changes to the district dairy show information after June 1. Any changes will have to be made with the respective show.

Showmanship Standards/Dress Code

The Showmanship Standard on exhibitor clothing states:  Clothes and person should be neat and clean. An all white uniform is required. Knee length or longer skirts for females are acceptable. Tank tops and sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Non-show hats, shorts, blue jeans, bare feet and sandals will not be allowed. A harness with the entry number displayed, both front and back, will be considered as part of the uniform and must be worn while in the show ring. For those who do not have access to a harness, numbers may be pinned on the front and back of the shirt. Uniforms bearing farm names or advertising will not be acceptable in the show ring. Any exhibitor not meeting these standards will not be allowed to participate in the show.

**The red sheet is a sign-off sheet stating that you have indeed read and understood all the guidelines laid out by the Extension Office and the 4-H Dairy Club leaders. Your parents will also sign this so that they are aware of these guidelines as well.  This  red sheet must be turned in by June 1 with your project designation forms.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.


Jean H. Kummer
Extension Educator – 4-H/Youth Development
4-H Science Team
Penn State Extension
Butler County Office
101 Motor Pool Way
Butler PA 16001
Phone: 724-287-4761