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Penn State Pesticide Education Program brings you an informative video on the importance of storing pesticides properly.
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hi I'm Kelly with Penn State Education today we want to introduce you to our look-alike display we really enjoy using this demonstration at a lot of events because the educational and a great way to teach both consumers and children the important leaving pesticide product in their original containers let's first start with how to set up your own look-alike display you can see under table that we have a variety of household products some that are safe and some have a signal word all these products were purchased at Walmart, a grocery store, or you might even have them in your house right now let's take a look at some of these products. on this side the table we had liquids such as blue a pine-sol a car wash and a Gatorade. yellow products apple juice, a roundup imitation, tiki torch fluid, and in green liquids car wash a wonderful cleaner actually has a very colorful label that could be mistaken for a easy drink and also Gatorade again these producats all share that they are liquid and the same color, but besides liquids their other products you can use for this demonstration just like there's other types pesticide we have two products that are more granular and white in color and the powder like we have a very similar looking Parmesan cheese and comet, we also have mothballs and sugar cubes, so can the different type a product it has more the cube circular type of appearance but also could be potentially dangerous and over here we have rabbit pellets and d-con these are both pellets and again very similar in both color and texture and that's the main point of your look like display you want have different products that have colors and have different textures and again you want to have on both products that are safe and they also have signal words you can see on the green products that we have one safe product and two products with signal words we also have some other demonstrations that only have one product is safe and one that has a signal word so feel free to mix and match with materials that you have materials you wanna purchase so besides these products you can see that we had containers on our table these containers are really important you want to make sure that you have give three products you want to have three containers if you have two products you want to have two containers makes perfect sense. to make these actual containers again similar in actual appearance and identical in nature we actually use a colored water so you just fill a bottle with water alter the same amount of water and then your use food coloring to die the water again you might be wondering why we're doing this it's for a safety risk in a safety concern we just wanna make sure but if they get the demonstration that we keep these potentially dangerous products under a case where these products a consumer can't touch so for demonstration purposes you want to make sure that you use colored water for the liquid and then of course for these other products such as these Granollers you can use something like sugar or flower for th sugar cube mothball comparison we actually used two containers both sugar cubes and for the rabbit pellet d-conn you can use all rabbit pellets and again this is just to make sure that if someone would pick up this container and walk away with it it is rabbit pellets and it's not the decline so when you're making this display its important to get the right household products and then make different liquids in different containers have safe materials and then just for the sake in-case a consumer walk away with them you can see that we put the actual product underneath a glass casing such the fish tank and left are colored water products on the top now it's time to actually do the demonstration once you have one individual or even entire audience in front view have to look at these products underneath the fish tank you can have them say that the Gatorade is safe to drink which they usually know and have been point out with the other two products are such as that the blue is the car wash and the other blue product is pine-sol they can look for the signal words also emphasize to them that they both had Mr. Yuk stickers on them now have them also figure out what the same about this product and of course the probably say they're blue and liquid and then say which one would you drink usually get a lot of laughter as the course the auidence responds that they would drink Gatorade and wouldn't touch the pine-sol and wouldn't touch the car-wash because they know that those products are dangerous and could be potentially poisonous so then you ask them what would happen if you would take these three products which are similar in both color and in consistency being liquid take those product out of their original containers and put them in 3 identical containers of course you have your props up top and your audience eyes move to these props as they see how similar the three products look when there are the original containers and don't have any labeling on and usually with an audience it's fun ask them which one of these products would you drink with the correct answer well of course the correct answer is none because you don't know which one is the Gatorade in which one safe to drink but usually for demonstration purposes we have an audience member guess which one they would drink so you ask them in the front which are they drink they point to this one and what we've done with these products is we put a Mr. Yuk sticker on the bottom to demonstrate that this is the car wash or that this is the Pine Sol so they thought they want to drink this thinking if the Gatorade there've been accidentally poisoned we also have them guess other one's knowing that this was the other Pine-Sol or carwash and that this was the Gatorade now of course you know that these are the colored water products neither of these are poisonous but for demonstration sake always responded to them that you have taken product the Gatorade the Pine Sol and the car wash you've taken a little of each of these product and put these containers. we really want emphasized consumer or or to a child their product need to be left in their original containers and need to have a Mr. Yuk sticker on them and another main takeaway point is if they would see any product that blue in liquid and in an unmarked container would they drink it and of course you want their response to be no because we don't want to be drinking any product that's not marked to great demonstration to show that you wanna make sure their products stay in their original containers and that they have Mr.Yuk stickers on them and of course emphasized with adults and children that would never drink a product that you don't know what's inside because it could be potentially poisonous we like this demonstration because as you can see you can put a variety of house hold products under the glass casing with the other colored water props and it's great because if you're an event you can have one person come up to you and explain the purpose the display or if you have a whole audience in front you can work through actual demonstration with a large group of people very portable with just the glass casing and a container to carry the liquids are the granulors and other household products and most importantly having Mr.Yuk stickers available which you can get from our office to encourage someone to pass out and put on these poisonous product if you have any questions or want to borrow our look-alike or get some Mr. Yuk stickers you can certainly contact our office we have a lot of counties that do make their own it's as easy as getting household products, some bottles that look similar, making the media and of course performing an event probably for the cost of say this aquarium with colored liquids and the other household products and their actual glass casing at around thirty dollars which is pretty affordable if you're going to you that multiple events throughout the year


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