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Information on pest management and education for educators and teachers, including demonstrations on principals such as determining toxicity, protecting the water supply, poison prevention, and pesticide education activities.

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Master Gardener, Roberta Cammer teaches students IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
Poison Prevention Program in Lackawanna County - News News
Penn State Master Gardeners Roberta Cammer and Elizabeth Bradshaw presented the Poison Prevention Program to first graders classrooms at Carbondale Elementary School and Mayfield Elementary School, reaching more than 160 first grade students. More
Lesson Plan: Water Quality, Is There a Point?
Lesson Plan: Water Quality, Is There a Point? - Articles Articles
Lesson plan that teaches the cumulative effects of non-point source pollution and explain ways to reduce or eliminate non-point source pollution in urban and agricultural settings. More
Image Credit: Garo Goodrow, Penn State Extension
Pesticide Registered Technician Training Package - Guides and Publications Guides and Publications
This training package guides a pesticide business through the process of having registered technicians work for them and includes packaged presentations that certified applicators can use to give the required training. More
Demonstration: LD50
Demonstration: LD50 - Articles Articles
What you need and how to do the LD50 demonstration, including a list of supplies, purpose, and the procedures. More
Demonstration: Comparing Two Hot Shot Products
Demonstration: Comparing Two Hot Shot Products - Articles Articles
Learn how to read a label by answering questions to compare two Hot Shot Fogger labels to see how these products are similar and different. More
Lesson Plan: Lures
Lesson Plan: Lures - Articles Articles
Find a list of supplies and detailed procedures on how to do the lure demonstration. More
Education at community outreach events. Photo supplied by PA IPM
Community Approach to Managing Pests in Homes and Schools - Articles Articles
Learn about the Philadelphia School and Community IPM Partnership, which seeks to empower individuals and communities to safely manage pests through education and training. More
Winter Meeting Presentations
Winter Meeting Presentations - Articles Articles
Find the new PowerPoint presentations for this year and download related resources (fact sheets, video training, handouts, etc.) if available. PowerPoints are ordered by year they were released. More
Demonstration: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Demonstration: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Articles Articles
This demonstration illustrates how exposure to pesticides can be significantly reduced by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). More
Lesson Plan: Poison Prevention
Lesson Plan: Poison Prevention - Articles Articles
This document provides a detailed explanation with background information of the poison prevention message. If you are new to the program, this would be a good place to start. More
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Regional Offices
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Regional Offices - Articles Articles
Find your Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Regional Office and contact information. More
Pesticide Education Bingo Instructions Pesticide Education Bingo Instructions - Articles
Pesticide Education Bingo is an educational tool that can be used to teach pest management and poison safety or as a review activity after a pesticide safety education lesson. More
Pests, IPM, Poison Prevention, and You
Pests, IPM, Poison Prevention, and You - Articles Articles
Designed for K-4th graders, this activity book, with tips for kids and adults, includes sections on living organisms, what is a pest, IPM, and poison prevention. More
Pests and Pesticides in Agriculture
Pests and Pesticides in Agriculture - Articles Articles
In this activity, students will learn about different types of pests and the damage they cause, including an example of pests on corn. More
Pesticide Formulation Demonstration Pesticide Formulation Demonstration - Articles
Find information about formulations, what common household products can be used to represent pesticide formulations, and exercise sheets. More
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