Weed Identification and Control

Information on weed identification and control, including catsear, marestail, purple loosestrife, pokeweed, pigweed, poison ivy, crabgrass, hemlock, purslane and multiflora rose. Tips on various herbicides and integrated pest management.

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Fern-dominated forest understories interfere with forest regeneration and provide poor habitat for wildlife. Photo Credit: David Jackson
Controlling Understory Fern Competition for Regeneration Success - Articles Articles
Dense understories of hay-scented, New York, and bracken fern can interfere with the regeneration of hardwood forests, threatening their sustainability. More
Catoctin Mountain Orchards using black plastic mulch and straw between rows.
Weed Control in Cut Flowers - Articles Articles
Managing weeds in cut flowers often requires different approaches depending on the specific weed, specific flower or woody stem, time of year and level of weed infestation. More
What Makes a Good Plant or Insect Sample?
What Makes a Good Plant or Insect Sample? - Articles Articles
Advice for collecting a good plant or insect sample for identification. More