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John Ghent, John Ghent,
Fall Cankerworm - Articles Articles
The fall cankerworm is a native pest of hardwood trees in North America. It causes some defoliation in the forest every year, with larger outbreaks occasionally. More
Hania Berdys,
Escarabajo de la Hoja De Cereales - Articles Articles
Es una plaga, ocasionalmente severa del trigo y la avena en Pennsylvania, pero también se alimenta de la cebada, el centeno y otras gramíneas. More
Frank Peairs, Colorado State University,
Gorgojo de la Alfalfa - Articles Articles
El gorgojo de la alfalfa es uno de las dos plagas de insectos más dañinos de la alfalfa en Pennsylvania (el otro es la cotorrita de la papa). More
James Kalisch, University of Nebraska,
Gusano Cortador Grasiento - Articles Articles
El gusano cortador grasiento es una plaga cosmopolita que presenta una amenaza económica a muchas especies de plantas agrícolas More
Slugs as Pests of Field Crops
Slugs as Pests of Field Crops - Articles Articles
Slugs can eat virtually all crops and inflict most of their damage during crop establishment and early growth in the spring and fall. More
Frost damage on ash
Will My Woody Plants Recover from Freeze Damage - Articles Articles
When we have unusually high temperatures in early spring, many woody trees and shrubs will break bud and leaf out or flower early. More
Introduction to Weeds and Herbicides
Introduction to Weeds and Herbicides - Articles Articles
Weeds are plants whose undesirable qualities outweigh their good points. More
R. Stace-Smith,
Leaf Curl Virus of Brambles in Home Gardens - Articles Articles
Raspberries are affected more severely by leaf curl than are blackberries. More
Merle Shepard, Gerald R.Carner, and P.A.C Ooi, Insects and their Natural Enemies Associated with Vegetables and Soybean in Southeast Asia,
Black Cutworm - Articles Articles
In Pennsylvania field crops, black cutworm is most often a pest of corn, but can also cause trouble in wheat and tobacco. More
Figure 1. Lodged corn seen from a distance.
Corn rootworms Suspected of Resistance to Bt Corn Varieties Discovered - Articles Articles
Western corn rootworms that developed resistance to some Bt corn varieties may now be a problem in PA. More
Frank Peairs, Colorado State University,
Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa - Articles Articles
The potato leafhopper is the most destructive insect to alfalfa in Pennsylvania, causing average annual losses of approximately $15 million. More
Edward L. Barnard, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,
Phytophthora Root Rot in Raspberries in the Home Garden - Articles Articles
Phytophthora root rot is now regarded as a major cause of declining red raspberry plantings. More
Photo: James H. Miller & Ted Bodner, Southern Weed Science Society,
Yellow Woodsorrel - Articles Articles
Yellow woodsorrel (Oxalis stricta) has foliage (composed of three leaflets) that resembles white clover or black medic. More
Consider including violets in landscapes, or just leaving them where they are doing well. Photo: Kathleen Salisbury
Underused Native Plants: Common Blue Violets - Articles Articles
Native plants have become very popular over the years. More
Photo: Ohio State Weed Lab Archive, The Ohio State University,, wild garlic,Allium vineale
Wild Onion and Wild Garlic - Articles Articles
Wild garlic (Allium vineale) and onion (Allium canadense) are perennial plants that can be a weed in turfgrass and landscape beds. More