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Spotted Lanternfly
Spotted Lanternfly Lehigh County Public Meetings - Workshops Workshops
Discussion of the latest updates on the Spotted Lanternfly biology, control, and management in Lehigh County's affected townships. More
Christmas Tree Growers Meeting & Trade Show
Christmas Tree Growers Meeting & Trade Show - Workshops Workshops

Christmas Tree Growers Meeting & Trade Show


McAdoo, PA

Christmas tree growers are invited to join us for a day of educational presentations, pesticide updates, and new product information. More
Christmas Tree, Ornamental & Turf Pest Management School
Christmas Tree, Ornamental & Turf Pest Management School - Workshops Workshops
This school will provide educational information and pesticide license credits for working with Christmas trees, landscapes, and turfgrass. More
Turf and Ornamental Conference of Northwest Pennsylvania
Turf and Ornamental Conference of Northwest Pennsylvania - Conferences Conferences
World renowned speakers, and over 30 commercial exhibitors, will be present for this day-long Green Industry extravaganza. More
Turf and Ornamental Workshop
Turf and Ornamental Workshop - Workshops Workshops

Turf and Ornamental Workshop


Nanticoke, PA

This one-day workshop will provide landscape professionals with update training that will focus on pest, insect, and disease management in turf and woody ornamentals. More
Spotted Lanternfly Information Session
Spotted Lanternfly Information Session - Workshops Workshops

Spotted Lanternfly Information Session


University Park, PA

Penn State Extension is sponsoring a free information session for members of the green industry, forest products industry and general public. More
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,
Spotted Lanternfly Seminar - Workshops Workshops

Spotted Lanternfly Seminar


McConnellsburg, PA

Learn more about this invasive pest. More
Adult Allium Leafminer
Allium Leafminer Expected to Emerge in April - News News
The allium leafminer, Phytomyza gymnostoma, is a fly that originates from Poland, Germany, Austria and Spain, and was confirmed in 18 counties in Pennsylvania last year. More
Control for fire blight and apple scab is critical during bloom. (Photo: K. Peter)
Disease Update: Watch Out For Diseases during Apple Bloom - News News
Bloom is well underway in parts of PA and MD. Fire blight and scab disease conditions are in full force now. Growers are encouraged to protect trees. More
Spotted lanternfly 4th instar nymphs. Photo: E. Swackhamer, Penn State
How to Comply with the Spotted Lanternfly Regulations - News News
Lycorma delicatula, commonly known as the spotted lanternfly (SLF), is a new invasive insect in southeastern Pennsylvania. More
Peach shoot injured by Oriental fruit moth larvae. Photo: G. Krawczyk, Penn State
Early Season Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Orchards - News News
The warm weather and the accumulation of degree days, which in Pennsylvania are on pace with 2012 spring conditions, moved the development of plants and insect pests very rapidly forward. More
Figure 1. Grape Berry Moth adult on Concord leaf. Photo: Andy Muza, Penn State
Grape Berry Moth – A Serious Pest of Table Grapes in Pennsylvania - News News
Grape Berry Moth (GBM) is an insect in the Order: Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) and Family: Tortricidae. More
Growing apple terminal injured by Obliquebanded leafroller (June). Photo: Greg Krawczyk
Entomology Update for June 2017 - News News

Entomology Update for June 2017


The 2017 biofix for the first brood tufted apple bud moth (TABM) at the Penn State orchards in Biglerville was established on May 1st while for the obliquebanded leafroller (OBLR) on May 20th. More
Growers need to be on alert for apple scab infection period this week. (Photo: K. Peter)
Disease Update: Scab Infection Period March 27–April 1 - News News
Due to the presence of green tip on early varieties of apples combined with rain and mild temperatures occurring this week, we are in our first apple scab infection period for 2017. More
Copper sprays need to be applied prior to bud swell to manage peach leaf curl. (Photo: K. Peter)
Disease Update: Copper Sprays and Orchard Sanitation to Manage Diseases - News News
Depending on your location, the warm weather over the last few weeks may have pushed some fruit trees along. For disease management, consider applying dormant copper and urea sprays soon. More
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