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Figure 1. Lodged corn seen from a distance.
Corn rootworms Suspected of Resistance to Bt Corn Varieties Discovered - Articles Articles
Western corn rootworms that developed resistance to some Bt corn varieties may now be a problem in PA. More
Mosquito Biology and Control
Mosquito Biology and Control - Articles Articles

Mosquito Biology and Control

Charlie Pitts, Ph.D., Sharon I Gripp

Read about the biology and habitat of mosquitoes, strategies for eliminating breeding sites and reducing mosquito bites, and the safe use of insect repellents. More
Mourad Louadfel,
Keep an Eye Out for Cereal Leaf Beetle - Articles Articles
Scout now for infestations of cereal leaf beetle in small grain fields. The larval stage feeds on the leaves and fields appear white if heavily infested. More
Assessing Soybean Fields for Insect Damage
Assessing Soybean Fields for Insect Damage - Articles Articles
This time of year (July) a suite of insect pest species are feeding upon soybean foliage. More