Plant Disease Identification and Control

Information on plant disease identification and control, including rot, freeze damage, rust, blight, mold, scales, bacteria, viruses, fungus, wilt, mildew, gall, mites, moths and cankers. Tips on integrated pest management and herbicide summaries.

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Stay Alert for Oak Wilt!
Stay Alert for Oak Wilt! - Articles Articles

Stay Alert for Oak Wilt!

Sandy Feather

Oak wilt was not known in New York before 2008, but foresters and arborists are managing it there now. More
Dawn redwood grove along a stream at Morris Arboretum.
I'm Not Dead, Just Dormant! - Articles Articles
My neighbor came up to me last month and told me he was sorry that my tree had died. I was puzzled, because I was not aware that any of my trees had died. More