Pesticide Special Use Exemptions

A state or federal agency can request emergency exemptions when a serious pest problem jeopardizes production of agricultural goods or public health.
Pesticide Special Use Exemptions - Articles


Section 18 Pesticides

Section 18 Pesticides Section 18 of FIFRA authorizes EPA to allow states to use a pesticide for an unregistered use for a limited time if EPA determines that emergency conditions exist. Use the following links to EPA pages for more information about Section 18 emergency exemptions and how to use a database to search for emergency exemptions.

Section 24(c) Pesticides

Section 24(c) of FIFRA authorizes state lead agencies to register additional uses of federally registered pesticides (also called Special Local Needs (SLN) registrations or SLNs). Only the registering state can distribute and use the SLN. Use the following EPA links for more information about Section 24(c) Emergency Exemptions.