Pesticide Registered Technician Training Package

This training package guides a pesticide business through the process of having registered technicians work for them and includes packaged presentations that certified applicators can use to give the required training.
Pesticide Registered Technician Training Package - Guides and Publications
Ships in: 1 - 2 Business days
Language: English
Note: Materials will be available on a flash drive shipped to the address provided at checkout. An online digital version will be available late-April.


This package will help businesses meet the initial training requirements, as set by PDA, for their new registered technicians. The included presentations satisfy all of the areas of knowledge that a technician must receive as required by regulation except for the pest identification and application equipment components.

The presentations can be shown as a regular PowerPoint or as a video with audio. The booklet includes an introduction to the registered technician training process and copies of the required forms that must be submitted to PDA. In addition, the booklet has review question sheets (and answers) for each presentation to reinforce the concepts being presented. Two registered technician recordkeeping forms are included that can be copied and used to document training, along with a certificate of training that can be presented to the registered technician after the training has been completed. Finally, the package has PDFs of various fact sheets on pesticide safety topics. Please note this training package will not take the place of the on-the-job training that registered technicians are also required to receive.

The 12 presentation topics that a technician must know to properly use and handle pesticides include in this package are: The Pesticide Label; Pesticide Storage and Security; Proper Use; Transportation of Pesticides; Application Equipment; Laws and Regulations; Pesticide Disposal; Pesticide Spills; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Pesticide Formulations; Pesticides in the Environment; and Pesticide Toxicity & Human Health Concerns.

Who is this for?
  • Pesticide application businesses who want to hire registered technicians
  • Prepared materials for certified applicators to train the registered technicians
What will you learn?
  • Process to register and train registered technicians for your business
  • Required Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) forms to submit
  • 12 presentations (both with and without audio) on various pesticide safety topics to be given by a certified pesticide applicator as required by PDA
  • Question and answer review sheets for each presentation
  • Registered technician sample recordkeeping forms
  • Certificate of Training


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