Pesticide Applicator Short Courses

Pesticide applicator short courses prepare professionals in a classroom-style setting to take the certified pesticide applicator’s exam.
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Updated: May 8, 2018

Pesticide Applicator Short Courses

Pesticide Applicator

Pesticide applicator short courses prepare professionals in a classroom-style setting to take the certified pesticide applicator’s exam. These courses are not required, as study materials are also available for purchase for self-study. Many find these courses helpful when preparing to take the CORE exam, or any of the following Category exams: 06 Ornamental and Shade Trees, 07 Lawn and Turf, 10 Right-of-way and Weeds, and 23 Parks and Schools Pest Control. Core and Category Study packets are not included in the course fee. All individuals are responsible for bringing their own study packets; for more information see the Certification Exam Study Materials  page or call 1-877-345-0691.

Pennsylvania’s Pesticide Control Act of 1973 requires any individual who applies a pesticide application to a property not owned or rented by the applicator or their employer to have a commercial or public pesticide applicator certification. Not only should landscapers be licensed but also other professionals who apply pesticides in the landscape. Other professionals include state park employees and ground supervisors of schools, athletic fields, and golf courses.

All certification exam dates and locations can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s PaPlants Website. The CORE exam is $50, and each category exam is $10; these fees are NOT included in the course fee. Typically, the course is $50 a day with a max fee of $150. Note: the number of days varies depending on what categories you want to attend.

Multiple Pesticide Applicator Short Courses are held throughout the state every year. The following list includes tentative locations and dates (if set) for the upcoming year. If interested, contact the coordinator to receive information when registration is opened. Please note that courses can be cancelled due to low enrollments.

LocationTime FrameCoordinatorContact Information
Berks CountyTypically in JanuaryTanner DelvalleEmail:
Phone: 570-622-4225
Allegheny CountyTypically the end of JanuarySandy FeatherEmail:
Phone: 412-482-3454
Clinton CountyTypically late February or early MarchThomas ButzlerEmail:
Phone: 570-726-0022
Montgomery CountyTypically in July or August and in November or DecemberEmelie SwackhamerEmail:
Phone: 610-489-4315
York County Extension OfficeTypically in SeptemberTimothy AbbeyEmail:
Phone: 717-840-7408
Chester County
(Taught in Spanish)
Planning for February or March and in OctoberMaria Gorgo-GourovitchEmail:
Phone: 610-696-3500
Erie County

Typically in October

Ruth BennerEmail:
Phone: 814-825-0900


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