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Answers to frequently asked questions by private pesticide applicators in Pennsylvania.
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To maintain a valid applicators license in Pennsylvania, private pesticide applicators must fulfill the continuing education requirement of six core and six category credits. This video addresses frequently asked questions regarding: renewing a license, checking your credits online, and finding local meetings offering recertification credits.


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- [Liz] Hello, my name is Liz Bosak.

I am a Field and Forage Crops Educator based in Dauphin and Perry counties.

Today we will discuss frequently asked questions about recertification by private pesticide applicators in Pennsylvania.

First question.

I did not earn enough credits to renew my license last year.

Will I have to take the licensing exam again?

Pennsylvania certified pesticide applicators have a one-year grace period from their license expiration date to fulfill the educational credit requirements.

During the grace period, your license is inactive so you may not purchase or apply a restricted use pesticide until you fulfill your credit requirement for the previous cycle.

Next question.

How many credits do I have right now?

An easy way to check your current recertification credits is to go to the site.

Go to the tab on the left-hand side menu that says Pesticide Programs.

Another menu will appear.

Once you reach this menu, select the second option from the top, the Applicator Credit/Business Information button.

The next page will load.

At the top of the page you will see Pesticide Business/Applicator Lookup.

You may need to scroll down to see the boxes where you will enter your certification ID and last name.

Click the Search button.

Your record will appear.

The number of credits needed for core and category will be listed and when they are due.

Next question.

How many credits do I need to keep my license current?

Applicators need six core credits and six category credits.

Visit this webpage for more information about private, commercial, and public pesticide applicator requirements in Pennsylvania.

Next question.

When does my license expire?

A private applicator's license expires every three years on March 31st.

Check the front of your license or go online to the applicator business credit information tab, at the website.

Next question.

If I already have enough credits and my license will renew this year, when should I send in my renewal?

Wait at least two weeks from your last recertification meeting before submitting your renewal.

After you receive your new license, any future credits will be added to the next three year cycle.

Next question.

How long does it take to add the credits from today's meeting to my license?

Allow at least two weeks for the credits to appear on your license before contacting the meeting organizer.

Last question.

How do I find out about recertification meetings?

Visit the site.

Go to the Pesticide Recertification Course Locator page.

Select your state from the dropdown menu.

Select your region, and then you can search for all the meetings in your region or further narrow the search by selecting your county.

Click the Search button.

If you still have questions, please contact your local Extension office.

To find your local office's contact information, please go to


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