Pesticide Application Recordkeeping Manual

Downloadable recordkeeping manual with worker protection standard and calibration information from the Pesticide Education Program.
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Acknowledgements and Introduction

This recordkeeping manual was updated by the Penn State Pesticide Education Program and other Penn State Extension staff. This manual includes the following information: WPS definitions and checklist; calibration instructions, worksheets, and recordkeeping forms for backpack and boom sprayers; cleaning contaminated equipment; winterizing your sprayer; pesticide application record forms; and additional resources.

The previous recordkeeping manual was adapted from The Private Applicator Manual by Del Voight, Penn State Lebanon county extension educator. The information was compiled and edited by Kay Moyer, Penn State Lancaster county educator, and Jeffrey Graybill, Penn State Lancaster county extension educator. Pesticide application record forms and cover design designed by Kay Moyer, Penn State Lancaster county educator, and Kerry Richards, former Penn State Pesticide Education Program director. Special acknowledgements to Jim Harvey, Pennsylvania Rural Health Farm Worker Protection Safety Program, worker protection safety specialist, and Kerry Richards, Pest Management Information Center, Pesticide Education Program.


To be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Pesticide Control Act of 1973, all private applicators and commercial businesses, including public agencies, must keep records. These records must be maintained for three years and be completed within 24 hours of the pesticide application. Private applicators are required to keep records for all applications of restricted-use pesticides (RUP). Operations that employ agricultural workers or handlers covered by the Worker Protection Standard must keep records for both general-use and restricted-use pesticide applications. Commercial businesses must keep records for both general-use and restricted-use pesticide applications. Specific recordkeeping requirements can be found under the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Rules and Regulations 7 Pa. Code, Chapter 128 Sections 35 and 65 (for commercial businesses and private applicators respectively).

This recordkeeping booklet contains definitions of common Worker Protection Standard (WPS) terms and a WPS compliance checklist. More information can be found about WPS in the EPA Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides fact sheet.

Another important aspect of applying pesticides is calibrating equipment. This booklet contains information on how to calibrate a boom sprayer and a backpack sprayer, using the 1,000 square foot method and the ounces to gallons per acre method. Also included in each calibration section is a log to track when calibrations were done and document important information pertinent to each sprayer. In addition, general information on cleaning and winterizing sprayers is provided.

The booklet has many blank forms to keep pesticide application records, which include the following information:

  • The date of application, and for those pesticides specifying a reentry period, the hour of completion
  • The name and address of the application site
  • The brand name, EPA registration number,amount, and rate or dosage of each pesticide used
  • Size and identification of the area treated for agronomic crop production
  • Names and certification numbers of all persons involved with the application
  • Restricted reentry interval and crop treated


The 44-page downloadable manual (click on the "Download PDF link at the top of the page) contains information on the following:

Table of Measurements

WPS Common Definitions and Terms

Worker Protection Standard Checklist

Pre-Calibration Instructions

Backpack Sprayer Calibration

  • 1,000 sq ft Method
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Practice Worksheet
    • Calibration worksheet
  • Ounces to Gallon per Acre
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Calibration Worksheet
  • Recordkeeping Form

Boom Sprayer Calibration

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Recordkeeping Form

Cleaning Your Field Crop Sprayer

Winterizing Your Field Crop Sprayer

Pesticide Application Records

Finally, this manual has an English to metric conversion chart printed on the inside front cover, while the inside and outside back cover list resources and contact numbers for more information.