Pest Management in Grapes in Home Fruit Plantings

Herbicides currently registered for use in commercial vineyards are not recommended for home gardeners.
Pest Management in Grapes in Home Fruit Plantings - Articles


Physical control of weeds under the trellis by mowing, cultivation, hand hoeing, and pulling is suggested. Growth in row middles should be controlled by mowing.

Insect and Disease Control Suggestions

  • Use varieties and rootstocks resistant to root louse (Phylloxera).
  • Prune to keep the vines vigorous.
  • Prune off and dispose of all dead, diseased, and broken parts.
  • Rake the soil clean under the vine and remove old and shriveled fruit from the vine before spring growth starts.
  • Identify insects and diseases accurately.
  • Spray when necessary. Table 6.5 and Table 6.6 provide information about the use of pesticides on grapes.