Pest and Plant Disease Prediction Tools

There are several online tools to help you monitor and keep up to date on the proximity and likelihood for pests and plant diseases.
Pest and Plant Disease Prediction Tools - Articles


The Penn State Extension Vegetable and Small Fruit team has a new blog on their website. The Extension Plant Pathologist Beth Gugino and Entomologist Shelby Fleisher post updates on diseases and pests such as late blight, downy mildew and the range of insect pests.

For information regarding where the latest confirmed outbreaks of late blight have been reported and to receive email or text alerts about when late blight has been confirmed with a personally defined radius from your location visit the USA Blight website.

For Cucurbit Downy Mildew please visit the forecasting website for the latest list of disease outbreak locations and forecasts. This information is updated by the end of the day on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. You can also sign up to receive updates within a personally defined radius from your location.

The Pennsylvania Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (PA PIPE) has been developed as a collaborative effort between Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences faculty and ZedX, Inc. to provide an early warning system for key pests attacking crops. Once you access the site you will see state maps that display the important information about a pest, crop or weather variable. Corn Rootworm and Corn borer information are relevant for sweet corn and bell peppers.