Perennial Forages Common to the Mid-Atlantic Region

A guide to forage crop identification, adaptation, and management.
Perennial Forages Common to the Mid-Atlantic Region - Guides and Publications
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Forage crops are very important to agriculture and the environment of the Northeast region. Knowing how to identify the common forage species in the region, the conditions to which they are adapted, and their basic management limitations is important. This full-color booklet has all that information summarized to help you identify the species and know its limitations.

Who is this for?

Forage growers (small scale and commercial)

What will you learn?

Identification, adaptation, and management information about Kentucky bluegrass; orchardgrass (cocksfoot); perennial and annual ryegrass; reed canarygrass; smooth bromegrass; tall fescue; timothy; alfalfa; birdsfoot trefoil; red clover; white (ladino) clover


Forage Crop Establishment, Management and Utilization Perennial Warm-Season Grass Establishment and Management

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