Pennsylvania Game Bird Industry

Today in the state of Pennsylvania millions of game birds are produced annually by professional game breeders.
Pennsylvania Game Bird Industry - Articles


PA Gamebird and Shooting Preserve Industry

These are private businesses that sell mostly to regulated hunting grounds and individuals or organizations interested in restocking birds into the wild. Some dressed birds are also sold to individuals and the gourmet food markets.

Licensed Propagators

Under the laws of Pennsylvania, the game bird industry in the state is licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Private breeders do not produce birds for the Pennsylvania Game Commission; the Commission operates their own game farms as well.

The Shooting Preserve Industry

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will license either noncommercial or commercial regulated hunting grounds for a fee if the applicant meets certain requirements. He or she must have 100 acres of land available for the purpose. It must be clearly posted. All birds released and harvested must be documented. The permit allows the release and harvesting of pheasants, quail, chukars, hungarians, and mallards from September through April. The commercial permit allows the operators to charge for hunting. Applications for these permits are available from your local Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Birds Produced in Pennsylvania

Ring-necked Pheasant

The pheasant is not a native to the United States but has been bred, raised, and released by the game breeders in Pennsylvania for almost a century.

Today, Pennsylvania's private breeders produce high-quality birds in quantity for stocking and hunting. There is also an active trade in the sale of feathers. This has developed because of the unusual beauty of the male Ring-necked Pheasant plumage.

Chukar Partridge

This partridge is not a native but has been imported, bred, and produced for many years by the state's game bird industry. Known for its beautiful appearance, fast flying, and delicious flavor, more of these unique birds are being produced each year.

Bobwhite Quail

There are many varieties of quail, but the most commonly produced here are the native Bobwhite Quail. The Coturnix Quail (sometimes called Pharaoh Quail or Japanese Quail) is well known for the quail eggs they produce year round. Both quail eggs and dressed quail sales to individuals and restaurants have increased as Americans learn to enjoy them. Bobwhite Quail are produced for the restocking and preserve markets.