Penn State Extension Receives Award from Westmoreland County Food Bank

Recently Penn State Extension in Westmoreland County was awarded the Outstanding Donor by the Westmoreland County Food Bank.
Penn State Extension Receives Award from Westmoreland County Food Bank - News


Antonia Redigan and Karen Mays of Penn State Extension receive award from Kris Douglas, CEO of Westmoreland County Food Bank

Penn State Extension provides practical education you can trust. Helping to build communities and the future for a better tomorrow. This is how they describe themselves on their Facebook page, but they are so much more to so many people.

“We have enjoyed a genuine and robust relationship with the Penn State Extension on many levels and these are just some of the reasons why they were nominated for our Outstanding Donor of the year,” stated presenter, Deana Pastor, Director of Technology Services at WCFB. “Many of the functions and activities that they provide as a service to our consumers may have a funding stream or a particular grant project but all of what they do for the Food Bank is free as a service to those in need,” continued Pastor.

Master Gardeners are volunteers trained by Penn State Extension. What Master Gardeners do for WCFB and the consumers is to donate products that they cultivate – since 2002 they have donated over 12,000 pounds of produce, that has contributed to over 9,000 meals!

Each month the Extension provides a newsletter and recipes for the CSFP and Food Pantry clients. This is a wonderful way to teach families how to cook with their food bank foods. They consult with Texie Waddell, Director of Agency Relations on what will be in the upcoming month’s box and they formulate their newsletter around that. “It is a very helpful and a beneficial resource to them and to us,” stated Mrs.Waddell.

Through a joint effort between Penn State Nutrition Links and the Food Bank, the Super Cupboard Program was offered to families with children under the age of 20 at various locations throughout Westmoreland County. The Super Cupboard concept is simple, it is designed to educate frequent users of emergency food services by using a combination of food assistance, nutrition education, food preparation, and basic living skills. Super Cupboards offered a learning environment where participants can feel acceptance and support. This program is currently on hiatus but it was a very successful program.