Patricia A Dunn, DVM, MAM, DACPV

Senior Research Associate


    Emphasis on diagnosis and control of infectious diseases of poultry, waterfowl, gamebirds.
    Board certification in the American College of Poultry Veterinarians.



    About Me

    Current Diagnostic Activities

    Head of Avian Pathology/Avian Medicine section of the Animal Diagnostic Laboratory: Coordinate and direct the avian diagnostic and field investigation services.

    Elucidation of causation of economically important diseases/conditions of poultry, including verminous hepatitis in turkeys, cecal spirochetosis in laying hens, and copper-induced proventriculopathy in broiler chickens.

    Specialty Board Certification

    American College of Poultry Veterinarians, 1992

    Teaching Experience

    Principles of avian diseases, general pathology, pathobiology, avian biology.

    Selected Publications

    Poonia, B., Dunn, P. A., Lu, H., Jarosinski, K. W., and Schat, K. A. Isolation and molecular characterization of a new Muscovy duck parvovirus from Muscovy ducks in the USA. Avian Pathol. 2006 Dec;35(6):435-41. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Lu, H., Dunn, P. A., Wallner-Pendleton, E. A., Henzler, D. J., Kradel, D. C., Liu, J., Shaw, D. P., and Miller, P. Investigation of H7N2 avian influenza outbreaks in two broiler breeder flocks in Pennsylvania, 2001-02. Avian Dis. 2004 Jan-Mar;48(1):26-33. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Dunn, P. A., Wallner-Pendleton, E. A., Lu, H., Shaw, D. P., Kradel, D., Henzler, D. J., Miller, P., Key, D. W., Ruano, M., and Davison, S. Summary of the 2001-02 Pennsylvania H7N2 low pathogenicity avian influenza outbreak in meat type chickens. Avian Disease 2003;47(3 Suppl):812-6. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Ziegler, A. F., Ladman, B. S., Dunn, P. A., Schneider, A., Davison, S., Miller, P. G., Lu, H., Weinstock, D., Salem, M., Eckroade, R. J., and Gelb. J., Jr. Nephropathogenic infectious bronchitis in Pennsylvania chickens 1997-2000. Avian Dis. 2002 Oct-Dec;46(4):847-58. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Davis, J. F., McMurtry, J. P., Vasilatos-Younken, R., Connolly, B. M., Woolcock, P. R., Dunn, P. A. Experimental reproduction of a spiking mortality syndrome of turkeys. Avian Dis. 1997, Apr-Jun;41(2):269-78. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Davis, J. F., de la Torre, J. C., Castro, A. E., Connolly, B. M., Doman, J. T., and Dunn PA. Experimental reproduction of hypoglycemia-spiking mortality syndrome in broiler chickens with the use of homogenized brains containing arenaviruslike particles. Avian Disease 1997 Apr-Jun;41(2):442-6. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Maddox CW, Baker SE, Dunn PA, Castro AE. Immunoglobulin response to Salmonella enteritidis outer membrane proteins. Use for evaluating infectious status. Adv Exp Med Biol. 1997;412:89-92. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Davis, J. F., Castro, A. E., de la Torre, J. C., Barnes, H. J., Doman, J. T., Metz, M., Lu, H., Yuen, S., Dunn, P. A., and Teng, M. N. Experimental reproduction of severe hypoglycemia and spiking mortality syndrome using field-derived and embryo-passaged preparations. Avian Dis. 1996 Jan-Mar;40(1):158-72. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Owen, R. L., Wideman, R. F., Jr., Leach, R. M., Cowen, B. S., Dunn, P. A., and Ford, B.C. Physiologic and electrocardiographic changes occurring in broilers reared at simulated high altitude. Avian Diseases, 1995 Jan-Mar;39(1):108-15. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Dibner, J. J., Kitchell, M. L., Robery, W. W., Yersin, A. G., Wideman, R. F., Jr., and Dunn, P. A. Liver damage in mature laying hens: Comparison of field samples with livers from layers fed high levels of 2-hydroxy-40(methylthio) butanoic acid (hmb, Alimet) or dl-methionine (dlm). J Poultry Res, 1995, In Press.

    Owen, R. L., Wideman, R. F., Leach, R. M., Cowen, B. S., Dunn, P. A., Ford, B. C. Effect of age of exposure and dietary acidification or alkalinization on broiler pulmonary hypertension syndrome. Journal of Applied Poultry Science, 244-252, 1994 December. [Article Link] - opens new window

    Jensen, L. S., Dunn, P. A., and Dobson, K. N. Induction of oral lesions in broiler chickens by supplementing the diet with copper. Avian Diseases, 1991 Oct-Dec;35(4):969-73. [PubMed Link] - opens new window

    Jackwood, M. W., Hilt, D. A., Dunn, P. A. Observations on colonial phenotypic variation in Bordetella avium. Avian Diseases 1991 Jul-Sep;35(3):496-504. [PubMed Link] - opens new window


    • Diagnostic pathology - avian species
    • Avian medicine - food producing avian species
    • Content expert in the Professional Examination
    • Service Review Team in creating, reviewing and validating questions for the National Board
    • Examination for Veterinary Medical Practice and Clinical Competency Tests in veterinary medicine
    • Question writer and grader for the annual certifying examination for the American College of Poultry Veterinarians


    MAM, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, 1991 DVM, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin, 1989 BS, Biology - Pennsylvania State University, 1979