Patreese Ingram, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs


    Cultural Competence



    About Me

    Research Interests:

    • Issues of Diversity
    • Curriculum Development 
    • Educational Leadership


    1st Place Eastern Region/ 2nd Place National Communication Award Winner- Educational Publication- Presented to Ingram, P. & Scholl, J. at the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Conference, Portland, Maine. September 23, 2010.

    CSREES 2009 Partnership A ward - Multistate Efforts- Presented to Patreese Ingram for the Change Agents States for Diversity Initiative. For developing successful modes and systematic change strategies that support greater diversity and welcoming climates throughout the LandGrant University System. October 6, 2009

    2006 College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Achievement Award

    2000 Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service Award for Diversity

    Courses Taught

    YFE 438 Living in an Increasingly Diverse Society
    AEE 460 Foundations of Leadership Development
    YFE 496A Communicating Across Cultures

    Extension Programs

    • Diversity Education
    • Character Education 
    • International Youth Programs

    Extension Publications

    An Overview of Diversity Awareness
    Diversity Activities for Youth and Adults
    More Diversity Activities for Youth and Adults
    Guide to Exploring African American Culture
    Diversity Discussion Starters
    Proverbs to Promote Understanding Across Generations and Cultures
    Exploring Clothes from Cultures Around the World

    Selected Publications

    Ingram, P. D., Chaudhary, A. K., Jones, W. T. (2014).  How do biracial students interact with others on the college campus? College Student Journal, 48(2), 297-311.

    Ingram, P. D. & Chaudhary, A. K. (2014).  Self-identity of biracial children:  What role do parents play? Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 2(2). Available at:

    Ingram, P. D. 2013.  Teaching justice-solving social justice problems through university education.  Book review.  Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 17(2), 305-310.

    Ingram, P. D., Bender, G., Kreifels, M.,& Balschweid, M. 2012.  Building the capacity of 4-H/Youth Development in Iraq.  Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice. 7(4), [Article 120704FA006].  Available at:

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    B.S., Baldwin-Wallace College M.S., Michigan State University Ed.S., Michigan State University Ed.D., Western Michigan University