Parts of the Pesticide Label

You should always read and understand the label before using any pesticide product.
Parts of the Pesticide Label - Articles


An EPA Registration Number (as indicated by the letter "A" in the figure) indicates that the product has been registered and its label was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The active ingredient, the chemical(s) responsible for controlling the pest, is listed on the product label along with its concentration (indicated by the letter "B"). All pesticide labels have a signal word (indicated by the letter "C") to indicate the relative acute toxicity of the product to humans and animals. If two products will control the same pest, signal words can help you choose the least toxic chemical to control the pest. (Signal words will be discussed later in more detail.)

The directions for use section on the label (indicated by the letter "D") tell you how to properly use a product to get the best results without harming yourself, others, and the environment. Remember, it is a violation of federal law to use any pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Items included in this section include which pests the product is registered to control, where the product can be used (plants, animals, locations), how to apply the product, how much product to use, when the product should be applied, how often to apply the product, how soon the crop can be used or eaten after an application, and when people and animals can reenter a treated area after application.

Precautionary statements provide information about possible hazards of using the product. The Statement of Practical Treatment or First Aid (indicated by the letter "E") describes what you should do if you are exposed or accidentally poisoned by a product. Also, emergency telephone numbers may be listed.