Packaging for Value-added Products

Packaging is designed to protect your product during storage, shipping, or sales. Finding a package to satisfy all your needs is key to successful marketing.
Packaging for Value-added Products - Articles


When you have conducted your research and decided to add value to your production, your next step is to consider packaging. The correct packaging can increase sales and preserve your product during storage.

If you plan to ship small quantities of products that need to remain cold during transit, using dry ice may be an option for you. The University of Tennessee has a publication that you should review. The publication will describe the labeling required and what you will need to know when contacting a shipping company. There is also a table indicating the amount of dry ice needed for various times and weights of products being shipped.

If you are planning to sell through stores or you plan to use UPC codes for your own record keeping system, you may have many questions. Simply Barcodes should answer many of these questions. Be sure to research all questions you may have and compare between several companies prior to choosing a company to work with.