Pachysandra Diseases

Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of Pachysandra diseases.
Pachysandra Diseases - Articles


Volutella blightBrown to tan spots on the leaves are small at first but enlarge and may cover the entire leaf. Concentric line patterns form within the brown spots as leaves yellow and fall. Infected stems become dark brown to black in color and die. Under moist conditions, salmon to pink masses of fungal spores form on the surface of dead stems. Large patches of plants are killed.Pseudonectria pachysandricola (Volutella)Inspect transplants carefully and discard infected material. Avoid planting in areas of heavy shade or areas where moisture will be retained on leaves for prolonged periods. In established beds, remove diseased plants and thin the bed. Remove fallen leaves and other debris that inhibits good air circulation. Protect plants from winter injury and deicing salt runoff. Control oystershell and euonymus scales. Fertilize plants moderately to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Avoid using sprinkler irrigation but protect plants from drought stress. Apply a fungicide to protect plants when the weather is wet.

Stem infection (Photo courtesy of M. Masiuk).

Leaf infection.