Non-Grain Ag Inputs for the Local Craft Beverage Industry

Learn about growing alternative agricultural inputs for the local craft beverage industry in western PA.
Non-Grain Ag Inputs for the Local Craft Beverage Industry - Articles


This infographic, titled "Growing for the Local Craft Beverage Industry in Western PA: Alternative (non-grain) Inputs" gives some context about demand from the craft beverage industry for crops besides hops and grains. A detailed description of the graphs and figures follows:

Top left: Text: 23 non-grain inputs are used regularly by local brewers: strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, pear, ginger, coriander, lavender, lemongrass, apples, grapes, pumpkin, honey, mint, melon, basil, orange peel, corn, vanilla bean, apricots, currants, blackberries, oranges, and organic cane sugar.

Top right: Text: 96% of brewers are interested in purchasing local ingredients. Visual: pie chart, 96% black, 4% white.

Bottom: Visual: Bar graph titled “How much are brewers buying?”. 3 columns: herbs, fruit, and spices. 6 response categories: 0-25 lbs/year, 26-50 lbs/year, 50-100 lbs/year, 100-250 lbs/year, 250-500 lbs/year, and over 500 lbs/year. For fruit (in lbs/year): 3 purchase 0-25,, 4 purchase 26-50, 1 purchases 50-100, 2 purchase 100-250, 6 purchase 250-500, 3 purchase over 500. For spices (in lbs/year): 12 purchase 0-25, 3 purchase 26-50, 2 purchase 50-100, 0 purchase 100-250, 1 purchases 250-500, 1 purchases over 500. For herbs (in lbs/year): 11 purchase 0-25, 1 purchases 26-50, 3 purchase 50-100, 1 purchases 100-250, 0 purchase 250-500, 1 purchases over 500. Bar sections are designated by a gradient from white to black.