NEWA Weather Station Maintenance

To keep your NEWA-connected weather station running in top shape this season, consult the on-line guides we put together on maintenance and troubleshooting.
NEWA Weather Station Maintenance - Articles


Developed with input from Rainwise Technical Support personnel and incorporating questions and answers from our workshops, "Improving the Reliability of your Weather Station" the guides provide a comprehensive overview and detailed steps for fixing problems that arise with your weather station. Simple fixes, such as turning the station off and then on to reset it, are on the main web page.

NEWA Best Practice:

  • Maintain your station in good working order
  • Consult NEWA's weather station maintenance page

Common maintenance issues like the need for a new battery, if not taken care of can lead to anomalies in data or data not being reported. You can download the Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide and keep it on hand for reference. You can find the Maintenance Checklist online as well. The troubleshooting guide is organized by the types of problems you might encounter with your weather data. These include:

  • Rainfall Data Not Collected - Rainfall Missing
  • Excess Rainfall Data Collected - Excess Rainfall
  • Station is Not Transmitting - Data Transmission
  • The Receiving Base is Not Uploading Data to RainwiseNet - Data Upload Failure

When weather stations are 3 to 5 years old, they may begin to show need for repair - new sensors (temperature /relative humidity, leaf wetness, etc.), or new battery. Keep an eye on your weather data to make sure it is within normal parameters. Scan Hourly Data, (under Weather Data on the blue main menu on NEWA) or check your data feed on RainwiseNet.

We've upgraded the NEWA Hourly Data page to include a State selection box. Select your state and then either select a station, month, and year using the drop down boxes and hit "Get report" or click on a month provided in the table (blue links; purple links are previously viewed). Once you make the selection, the page of results will display in an "Hourly Data Summary" for that month.

If NEWA isn't getting your weather data the Hourly Data page will show patched gaps as brown italicized font--indicating missing or extrapolated data that could indicate a weather station problem. Hourly Data variables can show you daily weather patterns, extremes in temperature and rainfall that are beneficial to maintaining your crops, but also maintaining your weather station.

Only functioning weather stations are included in the drop down lists. If you can't find the station you are looking for, chances are it is currently inactive. Any weather stations inactive for more than a month are taken out of NEWA until they are back up. A list of inactive weather stations is provided in the "Select station" drop down box.

This time of year is an excellent time to maintain your weather station. Take a look at the station, make sure the rain gauge bucket is clean, and check all the connections.

We'd like to acknowledge the New York State Apple Research and Development Program for funding our workshops and making it possible to create the Troubleshooting Guide and web pages that are now available to everyone connected to NEWA across the Eastern US.

Reprinted from Fruit Notes - Lake Ontario Fruit Program, Volume 17, Issue 6
Author: Juliet Carroll, Fruit IPM Coordinator and Leader of NEWA, NYS IPM Program

Rob Crassweller is the NEWA coordinator for Pennsylvania growers.