New Project to Provide Training and Free Water Testing to MWON Volunteers

By gaining more information about their own water supply, Master Well Owner Network Volunteers will increase knowledge to educate others.
New Project to Provide Training and Free Water Testing to MWON Volunteers - News


Over the next year, a new project will be taking place that will provide current Master Well Owner Network (MWON) volunteers with an exciting opportunity. The project, scheduled to start later this spring and end in March 2019, will allow MWON volunteers to benefit from an advanced training opportunity along with free water testing for approximately 100 people through the Penn State Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory (AASL).

Three separate groups of about 33 MWON volunteers will be able to participate in this project. MWON volunteers will be able to sign up to receive a water sample kit which they can use on their own water supply or the private water supply of a family member or friend.

Each water sample will be analyzed for pH, total dissolved solids, coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, arsenic, lead, nitrate and other parameters. After the testing is complete, MWON volunteers can attend an online workshop to learn how to interpret the water test report for themselves or to educate their family member or friend. More information will be provided about this opportunity in upcoming newsletters along with information provided online. Interested MWON volunteers can request more information or direct questions to Bryan Swistock at .