National Food Safety Education Month

During September, take the opportunity to train your staff on food safety. Penn State Extension has many resources you can use for food safety training.
National Food Safety Education Month - News


Photo: US Department of Agriculture

September is National Food Safety Education Month! Created in 1994 by the National Restaurant Association, the goal for the month is to heighten awareness about the importance of food safety through education. Many regulatory authorities, including the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA), have regulations in place that require at least one person in a retail food service operation to have training and certification in food safety.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, having a kitchen manager certified in food safety improves food safety that ultimately reduces the likely hood of a foodborne illness outbreak in that operation. Additionally, restaurants have better inspection scores and fewer critical violations than restaurants without a certified manager and overall have better food safety practices. With over 800 foodborne illness outbreaks each year in the United States, and over half linked to food consumed in restaurants, having a certified manager that oversees and trains staff on safe food handling practices is critical.

Penn State Extension has been offering manager food safety certification and recertification workshops since 2001, training thousands of individuals on the latest research based food safety guidelines to help meet the regulatory requirement for a certified food safety manager and improve food safety practices.

So during Food Safety Education month take the time to view the resources available through Penn State Extension, such as posters, videos, and workshops, that will help enhance and improve the food safety practices in your operation!