MWON Volunteers Participate in Water Testing and Interpretation Project

Starting this year and continuing into early 2019, a new project will provide active Master Well Owners Network volunteers with an exciting opportunity.
MWON Volunteers Participate in Water Testing and Interpretation Project - News


The project, funded by the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP), will allow over 100 MWON volunteers to benefit from free water testing and an advanced training opportunity.

The first group of 30 MWON volunteers from central and northeastern Pennsylvania recently completed the water testing. Each volunteer received a free water test for pH, total dissolved solids, coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, hardness, corrosivity, arsenic, lead, nitrate and other parameters. The volunteers were able to participate in one of four webinars on July 9 or July 16 to discuss the interpretation of each water test report. The various components of each report were described along with a brief introduction to each of the water quality parameters.

Upcoming Free Testing Opportunities for Other Regions Active MWON volunteers in southcentral and southeastern counties will be eligible for this free testing this fall and will be notified by email in late August or early September with instructions on how to sign up. Active volunteers in northern and western counties can participate in early 2019 and will be emailed in January with details.

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