Michela Centinari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Viticulture


    Wine grape production
    Grapevine physiology
    cover crops
    cold temperature stress



    About Me

    Selected publications:

    • Centinari M., Smith M.S., Londo J.P. (accepted) Assessment of freeze injury of grapevine green tissues in response to cultivars and a cryoprotectant product. HortScience

    • Centinari M., Kelly K., Hed B., Miller A., Patel-Campillo A. (in press) Assessing Pennsylvania wine grape growers’ challenges and needs. Journal of Extension.

    • Klodd A., Eissenstat D.M., Wolf T.K., Centinari M. (2016). Coping with cover crop competition in mature grapevines. Plant and Soil 1, 391-400.
    • Centinari M., Vanden Heuvel J.E., Goebel M., Smith M. and BauerleT.L. (2016). Root-zone management practices impact above and belowground growth in Cabernet Franc grapevines . Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 1, 137-148.
    • Bauerle T.L. and Centinari M. (2014). Assessment of root system development among fou ornamental tree species through time via x-ray computed tomography. HortScience 49, 44-50.
    • Centinari M., Filippetti I., Bauerle T.L., Allegro G., Valentini G. and Poni S. (2013). Cover Crop water use in relation to vineyard floor management practices. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture. 64, 522-526.
    • Centinari M., Poni S., Intrigliolo D.S., Dragoni D. and Lakso A.N. (2012). Cover crop evapotranspiration in a northeastern US Concord (Vitis labruscana) vineyard. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 18, 73-79.
    • Bauerle T.L., Centinari M., and Bauerle W.L. (2011). Shifts in xylem vessel diameter and embolisms in grafted apple trees of differing rootstock growth potential in response to drought. Planta 234, 1045-1054.
    • Centinari M., Poni S., Filippetti I., Magnanini E. and Intrieri C. (2009). Evaluation of an open portable chamber system for measuring cover crop water use in a vineyard and comparison with a mini-lysimeter approach. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 149, 1975-1982.
    • Intrigliolo D.S., Lakso A.N and Centinari M. (2009). Testing the shoot autonomy theory in Vitis labruscana cv. Concord. Vitis 48 (1), 1-5.
    • Intrieri C., Filippetti I., Allegro G., Centinari M. and Poni S. (2008). Early defoliation (hand versus mechanical) for improved crop control and grape composition in Sangiovese (Vitis vinifera L.). Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 14 (1), 25-32.
    • Filippetti I., Intrieri C., Centinari M., Bucchetti B. and Pastore C. (2005). Molecular characterization of officially registered Sangiovese clones and of other Sangiovese-like biotypes in Tuscany, Corsica and Emilia-Romagna. Vitis 44 (4),167-172.


    Post-doctoral Research, Cornell University, Department of Horticulture, 2010-2013. Ph.D., Viticulture, 2008, University of Bologna (Italy) B.S., Horticulture, 2003, University of Bologna (Italy)